Logo Design

A modern and dynamic logo was created to portray the company’s fresh and forward thinking attitude. The logo centres around an icon that links the two O letters within the company name, symbolising the flow of water as well as the link of pipelines that are at the core of what they do.

A mixture of lowercase and uppercase lettering was used to create contrast between the words, and a slightly rounded typeface was selected for a softer and more welcoming appearance.

Various blues were selected as the core logo and wider brand colours representing water and trustworthiness. A dark blue was used to contrast with a light blue gradient featured within the icon of the logo.

Print Design

Business cards, letterheads and flyers were also created with careful use of the company’s new visual identity. The goal was to keep each of these designs clean and easy to use, while ensuring a consistent branded look across all materials.

Web Graphics & HTML Email Signature

Most recently I had the job of creating various image and graphic elements for the business website. This included hero images for a variety of pages and icons to symbolise their key service offerings. These were designed to echo the minimal and modern style of the branding. An HTML email signature was also created to further the professional presence of the brand.