Logo Design

The logo for IGC was to ideally focus around a gymnastics pose that would portray power, energy and precision, as well as something that wouldn’t alienate any particular gender or age group. The final design incorporates this as the focal point. A gymnast in a dynamic yet universal looking pose being incorporated into a circle to create a balanced and unified logomark.

The logo being featured on branded apparel, team uniforms and equipment was a large factor in the design. As a result, a badge lockup was created as the primary company logo, with the circular aspect of the logomark a key part of this. Alternative layouts were also created to allow for more versatility in its use, but without losing the identity of the design.

Brand Styles

A bold and eye-catching burnt red was chosen as the primary brand colour to evoke the passion and energy of the business. This was complimented with a cool navy grey to create clear contrast between the red and inverse white elements within the branding.

Rajdhani was the chosen primary typeface due to its clean and modern, semi-condensed style and variety of font weights. It portrays the dynamic and sporty aesthetic of the company well. Varsity Team is the display typeface also used within the logo and for headings in other marketing materials. It contrasts with Rajdhani to add more character to the branding, while also conveying a look of a sports team or organisation.

Distinct brand imagery was also created with duotone photographs utilising the primary brand colours being used along with a subtle dotted pattern overlay. The aim was to create a style that could be applied to any imagery and give it an instantly recognisable and consistent look. This can be used in marketing materials like flyers, social content or for use on the company website.

Brand Apparel & Sationery

The badge logo was also to be used heavily with apparel for members of the club. Hoodies and t-shirts were created as well as some more specialist items like gymnastics leotards.

Company stationery was also a necessity. Business cards and letterheads were designed in line with the new branding to reflect the professional nature of the club.