Logo Design

I was briefed to completely refresh the North Coast Campers brand. Starting with an engaging set of logos that would capture the energy and nature of the venture. I did this though the creating of customised typography and illustration, with emphasis on a rugged and weathered style. Something that goes hand in hand with the adventurous, outdoorsy market they were trying to appeal to. I created a series of lockups, alternative marks and tag lines for use across their marketing materials, with adaptability a key aspect of this.

Print Design

Mocking up a livery for the campers in their arsenal was another crucial aspect of this project with them being a major selling point of the business. Something ‘Instagramable’ was the term used in discovery sessions with the client. Using the new visual style that had been set out, I developed and used various brand elements to bring the van graphics together into a unified but visually interesting piece. On top of this, I produced a series of printed postcard designs to promote the business and to hand out as a souvenir for those using the campers. Again, the messaging here was deliberately chosen to appeal to their target audience of young adventurers, so getting creative was important in how well these worked.