Logo Design

Eclectic, fresh, fun and fluid. All key words that were used to describe the goals for the Sol Sisters brand. Taking inspiration from a wide range of material including 50’s kitsch graphics, space age design and more contemporary illustrative work to name a few, I was able to produce an eclectic suite of adaptable logos that can be used interchangeably to keep the brand looking fresh and appealing to a wider demographic. Typeface selection and colour choices were used to tie them together for a more unified look. The range of logo marks created also defined a basis for things like graphics being created for the products being sold.

Print Design

Continuing on from the creation of the initial visual identity, creating dynamic range of designs for the various products being sold was another crucial aspect of this project. While this is an ever evolving brand, I used elements from the visual identity to form new, more creative and less restricted designs for use on an initial run of products of t-shirts, hoodies and caps. I also mocked up a storefront design when presenting the initial visual direction with that being a long-term goal of the business.

Social Media Content

I also created some social media marketing collateral. Again, playing on the fun and cheeky characteristics of the company, I producing a series of static ads promoting the merchandise in a non-sales way. I also produced a set of Instagram Story Highlight icons which feature a moon cycle with reference to the blue streak in Luna’s (one of the dachshunds that inspired this project) eye.